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Please check here for a list of available positions. You're welcome to apply at anytime whether or not there are recent job postings available. 

Insurance Agent

Are you a motivated and results-driven individual with a passion for insurance sales? Look no further! We’re seeking an experienced Insurance Agent to join our dynamic team. Here’s what you need to know:

Position Overview

As an Insurance Agent, you’ll play a pivotal role in connecting clients with the right coverage to protect their assets and loved ones. Your primary focus will be on building relationships, understanding client needs, and tailoring insurance solutions. What sets us apart? Our high commission splits! We believe in rewarding our agents for their hard work and dedication.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Client Acquisition: Generate leads, network, and convert prospects into loyal clients. Whether it’s auto, home, life, or commercial insurance, your ability to connect with people will drive your success.

  2. Product Knowledge: Master the intricacies of insurance policies. Understand coverage options, exclusions, and policy terms. Educate clients on their choices.

  3. Sales Excellence: Close deals with finesse. Present options, negotiate terms, and provide exceptional service throughout the sales process.

  4. Retention and Renewals: The real magic happens in renewals. Keep clients satisfied, address their concerns, and ensure they stay with us year after year.

  5. Self-Driven Approach: While we provide support, we value agents who take initiative. If you’re a go-getter who can generate your own leads, you’ll thrive here.


  • State Licensing: You must hold a valid insurance license in the state where you’ll operate.

  • Experience: Previous insurance sales experience is preferred, but we welcome motivated newcomers.

  • Communication Skills: Clear, concise, and empathetic communication is essential.

  • Tech-Savvy: Comfortable using digital tools for client management and communication.

  • Ethical Approach: Honesty, integrity, and transparency are non-negotiable.

What We Offer

  • High Commission Splits: Your hard work deserves generous compensation.

  • Flexible Schedule: Work-life balance matters. Create your own schedule.

  • Training and Support: We invest in your growth and provide ongoing training.

  • Carve Your Path: Opportunities for advancement and specialization.

Ready to take your insurance career to the next level? Apply today and let’s build a successful partnership!

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