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Ahoy! Stay afloat with customized protection 

Protect your treasured watercraft through MIAFS. We'll shop for the best coverage and price suited to your needs. Get a boat insurance quote online and we’ll automatically apply each discount you’re eligible for.

Types of boats we insure

Bass & fishing boats

Boats built specifically for fishing, with features like trolling motors, power poles, etc.

Pontoon boats

Boats built on hollow metal

cylinders for cruising on lakes and rivers


The most popular type of boat,

used for fishing, cruising, watersports, and more

Personal watercraft (PWC)


These include Jet Skis, Sea-Doos, WaveRunners, and similar watercraft meant for one to three people


Full replacement cost
If you carry comprehensive and collision coverage, you'll be payed what it costs to return your watercraft to its pre-accident condition or better.

Bodily injury & property damage liability (BI/PD) 
Bodily injury liability covers you if you’re in a boat accident and liable for injuring others. Liability boat insurance also pays to repair or replace any watercraft, object or other property you damage while boating, plus legal expenses if sued.

Water sports coverage
Water sports coverage pays for any injuries or damages you caused from tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding, wake surfing or other similar activities. Parasailing, kite boarding or other activities in which someone is pulled through the air won’t be covered.

Roadside assistance 
This coverage comes standard if you have trailer coverage on your policy— you're paid to tow your disabled vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

Fuel spill

Payment for fuel spills, no matter how the spill happened: sunken boat, leaking tank, or a mishap at the fueling station.

Wreckage removal
If your boat sinks, you're covered for the cost of removing your boat from the water (if legally required).

Do I need boat insurance when it’s in storage?

Keeping your boat insured is a good idea, especially with comprehensive coverage. Your boat insurance will still cover theft, hail damage, and other hazards while it’s stored. Plus, you won't have to worry about reactivating your policy once you're ready to get back out on the water. However, some insurers will allow you to drop some coverages if you’d prefer. 

How does boat insurance work?

Boat insurance works the same way as car insurance does. If you damage your boat or cause injuries or damages to someone else, you file a claim with your insurer asking them to pay for the damages. If the incident is covered, your insurer pays for the losses or injuries up to your coverage limits.

Important note: One of the biggest myths about boat insurance is that you don’t need it because you're adequately covered under your home insurance policy. While your home's policy may provide some protection for a smaller boat while it's on your property, it won't offer the coverage you need on the water — especially if you're operating a powerboat.

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You have options

As your Independent Insurance Agency, we have connections with some of the top rated insurance companies which allows us to find competitive rates and the right coverage for your boat.


Watercraft provide a lot of enjoyment but also bring with them some unique risks. We can help protect you.

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Save time, save money. 

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