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Condo insurance protects what your association doesn't

Condo insurance covers your personal belongings and the interior of your structure — from the walls in. This includes countertops, cabinets, flooring, as well as personal liability coverage and temporary living expenses in the event of a covered loss.

Your condo association will carry a master insurance policy that covers the things they’re responsible for, including the grounds, common areas (such as hallways and elevators), and the outside/physical structure of your condo. In most cases, your personal property and the interior of the condo aren’t covered by the association’s insurance policy.

condo insurance

Condo insurance coverage that protects what's yours

We offer coverage for your belongings, the interior of your condo unit, and more. Keep in mind, your condo association’s master policy will typically cover the exterior of your condo. If you have questions on how to customize your protection, our licensed representatives are standing by to guide you through our coverage options.

Personal property 
Items such as clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, tools, and power equipment are all covered up to a certain limit by condominium insurance (even if they're not physically in your condo).
You may require an insurance rider to cover jewelry, art, and other expensive items.

Example: Your roof leaks and thousands of dollars' worth of clothes, furniture, and other items are damaged. Most condo association insurance policies won't cover your personal property unless you can prove negligence. Your condo insurance may cover these items.

Personal liability insurance may cover you if you're responsible for someone else's injuries or damages to their property. You can also add extra coverages for libel, slander, or other lawsuits.

Example: A friend you invited over slips and falls inside your condo due to a slippery carpet you knew about and breaks their leg. If they sue you, your policy can pay for their medical bills and lost wages due to injury.

Loss of use

If your condo is damaged due to a covered loss, and you're unable to stay there during repairs, your additional living expense coverage can pay for hotel stays and meals (above what you'd typically pay).


Example: Your condo is damaged in a fire, and your two-week hotel stay costs $2,000. The bill will be covered, as well as meal expenses above your usual food costs. Be sure to keep any receipts as proof for your claim.

With MIAFS, you have options

As your Independent Insurance Agency, we have connections with some of the top rated insurance companies which allows us to find competitive rates and the right coverage for your insurance needs.

We're not bound to a single insurance carrier, we represent you and your specific needs. 

Our team of in-house specialists are experts at helping our clients find the right insurance coverage. They’ll help you get a quote with the best coverage for your specific needs..

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